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Brittany 2012 : Brittany 12_01 : Breton Roses

A closer look at Dad's roses. The sound of shutters being rolled up alerted me to the fact that Dad was up and about. We had breakfast - a bowl of café au lait, salt free biscotti, strawberry jam. After cleaning up, it was time to go get the paper. This became our morning routine. We left the house towards the chateau gates at the end of the street. Then, we took the cliff path that wound around the bay called Anse Du Driasker. The bay was recently dredged deeper so the port could expand. A new breakwater had been built since I was last here. The walk to town is 2.5 Km so we get lots of exercise.

Judith (Don's daughter): on 2012-12-05 07:35:22

I love these roses. Are they heavily scented as well? I just love the hydrangea hedge... so many colours. And the light is so bright.

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