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Brittany 2012 : Brittany 12_07 : Dock Detail

I took this shot of the floating docks from across the harbour. Patrice called my Dad to say he was dropping by. We had drinkies while we waited for him. Dad told me the story of the local priest who liked to have a glass a wine with each parishoner he visited while touring the parish. Patrice and Dad had picked up the drunken priest out of the roadside ditch several times. One time, he was found by someone else, asleep in the ditch. This person stole his cassock. This joker then put it on and went about the parish collecting donations "for the poor". He collected quite a bit of money - enough to throw a party at the local pub for his friends, even brought down strippers from Rennes. The Arch-Bishop of Brittany heard of this story - he was not amused. The local priest is now in exile on one of the outer islands of Brittany.

Julia: on 2013-01-23 14:02:14

What a story! You'd think the locals would know their local priest and not have given to the impostor. Too bad priests don't just get fired for incompetence. Instead, they get relocated.

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