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Brittany 2012 : Brittany 12_07 : Ornate Kit

One of the treasures, an ornate kit whose function is a mystery to me. The spiritually defeated Keriolet made a public confession and confessed to Father Archange, the exorcist of Loudun. It was January 3rd, 1636, Keriolet was 34 years old and had been touched by grace. On the way back to Brittany, Keriolet travelled as a beggar, and once home in the château de Kerlois, he led an austere life of prayer, fasting and almsgiving. On March 7th, 1637, he was ordained deacon, and on March 28th of the same year, Bishop Rosmadec ordained him priest. The impossible became reality: the bandit Kerlois became a priest.

Julia: on 2013-01-30 08:28:09

I believe this was a travelling prayer triptych. When you want to pray, it helps to have visual reminders of the saints, their miracles, etc. When you were on the road, you could fold this up and take it with you. I think people prayed more back then and were more organized about how they did so, like the Muslims of today.

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