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Brittany 2012 : Brittany 12_07 : Sainte-Anne & Child

Sainte-Anne is either depicted with a torch in her hand or as a teacher of children. Note the pieces of glass in the halo around the statue. When the sun shines at a certain angle, a golden halo forms around Sainte-Anne. She first appeared to Yves Nicolazic, a local peasant, on July 25, 1624. " Yvon Nikolazig, ne zoujet ket : me zo Anna, Mamm Mari," said Sainte-Anne, in Breton. ("Yvon Nicolazic, fear not: I'm Anne, Mother of Mary") She appeared to him a number of times. He discovered a wooden statue of Saint Anne in the ruins of a chapel (Destroyed 924 years previously, according to her) in his field. It was the sign giving proof of the truth of the apparitions. This "proof" was destroyed during the French Revolution. The Bishop of Vannes, after an inquiry, recognised the authenticity of the apparition. He authorised the construction of a chapel in honour of Sainte Anne.

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