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Brittany 2012 : Brittany 12_08 : Nostang Bound

After the excitement of the swans, the morning seemed to slip by slowly. I processed more images, getting slowly caught up. Dad decided we should lunch at the restaurant at the other end of the Rue Du Chateau. He knows the owner, of course. The meal, however, did not live up to its usual standards, although the salads & desserts were great. Dad told the owner where to stick his salty, under-cooked pork brochettes. After a siesta, Dad suggested we visit the headwaters of the Etel River near the village of Nostang.

Julia: on 2013-02-04 09:28:34

It looks like the water may still be tidal at this point - I'm looking at the cool mud formations, like they have in NS and NB that I've seen, plus the reedy area. If it's tidal, it must be salty too. I'm looking at where Nostang is on the Google map and it looks close enough to the ocean for that to be true. What a lot of lovely countryside.

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