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Brittany 2012 : Brittany 12_08 : Low Tide Abtract

We crossed the bridge and were soon completely lost. The road led to a large peninsula on the Etel River. However, no signs graced the criss-crossing cowpaths that pretended to be roads. Ah well, we just kept going knowing that they had to lead somewhere. Yeah, sure.

Julia: on 2013-02-04 09:36:19

I went back and looked at the sign on the bridge and it said"Lostenk" (is that what the rivers do when the tide is out? Ha ha!) and "Nostang" and when I punch Lostenk into Google maps, it givs me Nostang. I'm guessing they are the same place, just different languages.

Anyway, I went to the satellite view again and while you can get easily lost, it isn't very far before you ht another town. It's worse if you get lost on a bicycle! Then, it's a long way.

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