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Brittany 2012 : Brittany 12_08 : Citadel Sloop

The end of the town beach pier offers a good view of both the port and the Citadel. I would have liked to see this tuna sloop under sail. The wind tugging at the dark sails would have been a grand sight.

Julia: on 2013-02-04 10:46:07

I feel like you wrote this, just so I would comment! :-)

That's a ketch. A sloop has one mast. Most 2-mast boats are ketches, but some are yawls. That's when the foremast is the shorter one.

I find the long spars along the gunwales interesting. I believe they must be for the fishing part, for nets or other things. They might possibly be used to hold large sails out, perpendicular to the boat, in a following wind, but I doubt it.

It also shows that they use the boat frequently, in that they allow the sails to stay attached to the rigging. We often left our mainsail attached, as it was a lot of work to attach in the first place. But we always took in our jibs and foresails - well okay, we only had one foresail! This boat has at least three! So cool.

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