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Corso Italo : Corso Italo 11 : Magnifico

This troupe of Sbandieratori seemed very at ease in their respective roles and exuded the confidence that comes with professionalism. The Flag Throwers of Italy have a long, honorable history that dates back to 1600 AD or there about. The history of flags, coats of arms and weapons has fascinated people over centuries. “Flags have always been important because of their colours and symbols so that groups such as armies on battlefields, religious congregations, nobility etc. could be easily recognised. Today a flag shows the identity of a nation, but history tells us that even the Egyptians used them as well as the Jewish tribes, the Greeks and many others. Coats of arms have been studied over the centuries for all the towns, dukedoms and principalities in Italy.” * * from “La Bandiera: Simbolismo, Messaggio, Storia” (The Flag: Symbolism, Message, History) by Luciano Artusi 1996

Betty: on 2011-07-03 18:15:46

Simply superb characterization. wonderful

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