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Corso Italo : Corso Italo 11 : Enigmatic Smile

She walked up the street looking very much high born. Her hair shone like gold on that hot sunny morn. This woman tempted me and felled me at first sight. With enigmatic smile in the harsh noon time light. "I was startled to be suddenly so close to her, a jade and gold enchantment on a springtime afternoon. Laughing, a ripple in air, like birdsong, a shimmer about her, an aura. Appallingly desirable. Unattainable. Not even safe for dreaming or reverie."* Ah, Leonardo, the descendents of Mona are alive with beauty still. (* shamelessly borrowed and adapted from the words of Guy Gavriel Kay in his stunning opus, Under Heaven, c 2010)

Julia: on 2011-07-03 12:12:28

In that outfit, she really does have a look of the Renaissance to her, I agree. And I am glad to see she is not wearing modern make-up that would have made her look less realistic.

Betty: on 2011-07-03 18:21:33

I can't add anything to that, except, that might be gilding in her hair. That is rich!

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