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Fall : Fall 11 : Three Bags

This Fall is not cooperating with nature photographers. It is full of crappy weather and poor light. Time for Plan B - The Ottawa Farmers Market. At least it is colourful. It has doggies and it has Rosemary. These doggies were well behaved but some have dubbed Labrador breeds as "bags of dumb".

Betty: on 2011-12-17 14:50:35

Julia will get you for that!

Julia: on 2011-12-17 15:42:21

Ha ha! Yes I will Betty! I was drawn in to make a comment, that's for sure. But I note that Jean did not say HE thought they should be called that. Anyway, Labs are just good natured and not mischievous. They are smart enough to be the breed of choice for guide dogs for the blind.

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