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Fall : Fall 11 : Solo Dad

The market attracts all sorts of folk. Many are there mostly to parade around with their hipster outfits, designer kids and exclusive dog breeds. They cruise around the booths at least six times. They can instinctively tell when a camera lens is pointed their way and smoothly turning that way. Solo Dad, here, did lots of that in front of my lens before I finally pressed the shutter and he happily wandered off.

Betty: on 2011-12-17 14:59:43

Not sure I want to know what they are thinking...

That older kid seems old enough to walk, don't you think?

Julia: on 2011-12-17 15:48:39

I was thinking at least he has TWO kids in that buggy, not like people who drive a whole car to work with only theirself behind the wheel.

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