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Fall : Fall 11 : There For You

One of the many serving our nation so that we remain proud and free. Shortly after taking this image I was accosted by two Ottawa Police Officers. I was taking images of a bunch of young people keeping warm in a bus shelter with the War Memorial as background. One officer grabbed my arm and asked me why I was taking pictures of people. I was shocked. I had to yell loudly, "Let Me GO!" As the crowd turned around, I told the cops, "This is a public ceremony in a public place. You cannot have a ceremony without people so that is what I'm photographing. I have that right because of those veterans who died to ensure that we live in a free country." He let go and some folks clapped. Later, no matter where I went those two louts were nearby. Talk about a Police State. Harassment and intimidation hiding behind the shield of "providing security".

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