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Fall : Fall 2013 : Hard To Focus

The friend interlaced his hands and gave Samir the boost up. Samir grabbed the railing of the upper deck and hauled himself up. He came face to face with L'il Naveen, who had just woken up. Samir had appeared in the only route of escape for L'il Naveen. Panic seized the raccoon. He ran at Samir and jumped. Samir ducked and yelled, wobbling on Abdullah's hands. Abdullah shouted, "What? What?" L'il Naveen cleared Samir and landed on the slippery vines of the trellis, still wet from the heavy rain. L'il Naveen lost his grip and fell straight down onto Abdullah below who was still trying to hold up Samir. He gripped tightly onto Abdullah's chest. He had sharp claws. Abdullah stared into L'il Naveen's eyes and toothy mouth. L'il Naveen screamed and voided both bladder and bowel. Abdullah screamed and voided both bladder and bowel. L'il Naveen lept over the rail and tumbled into the garden. Adbullah ran, tripped on a mat and tumbled down into the garden. Samir was left dangling, hanging from the upper deck. Laughing.

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