Mayo : Mayo August 13 : Benz Farewell

Monday morning came all too soon. Benz didn't want us to leave. We didn't want to leave but Donna's bus was leaving, with or without her. We headed off to the Patio Vidal for a below average breakfast. There was a magnificent sunrise which I would have dearly loved to photograph, but we could not risk getting caught in Ottawa traffic jams. We took the Masson ferry to avoid downtown Ottawa. There was nobody on the roads. We reached the bus station 90 minutes early! Oh well, more time for goodbye hugs. So endth this weekend. Oh, to return, 'twould be such sweet bliss. Til then, my friends. [Image©2013 Donna Lapointe] The End

Elizabeth Taylor: on 2013-08-27 13:33:31

Great storytelling and wonderful images. Thank you!

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