Mayo : Mayo August 13 : Killing The Ball

Benz doesn't just retrieve tennis balls. He brings them back and then attacks them. He plays with them in much the way a cat does with a not-yet-dead mouse. Once the tennis ball is dead, Benz brings it over and drops it at your feet. While Donna was working up a sweat tossing balls, I was tossing back the remains of my drink. It was getting late and time to head for supper at BJ's in Buckingham. Our usual table awaited us, as did the waiter. He took our drink order. Recognizing Heather, he said, "Bonsoir, la dame a la bouteille." [Good evening, Bottle Lady] I told him, "Pas de verre si tu voeux avoir des enfants." [No glass if you want to have kids] Heather added, "Thanks. I ain't no fucking lady!" [Image©2013 Donna Lapointe]

Julia: on 2013-08-27 14:57:20

"Down dog" yoga dog

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