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Mayo : Mayo August 13 : Benz & Brinker

Here, Benz has selected Brinker as his target. He thinks he has her cornered, ready to go where he wants her to go. Nothing is further from the truth. Brinker can out-think dogs in her sleep. She stepped around the dishes and calmly butted her head into Benz's nose while purring. Benz is confused, he is in charge, right? Brinker heads across the kitchen towards the entrance. Benz follows convinced he his herding her that way. He leaps to prevent her from going upstairs but she isn't going there anyway. A well-trained Don gets up to open the door, "All right, you two. Get out!" Benz hurries to catch up to Brinker.

Julia: on 2013-08-27 15:01:25

"Herding cats!" Ha ha.

"Herd of cats?"

"Of course I've heard of cats."

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