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Mayo : Mayo August 13 : Sky Prayer

The girls did an inventory of Don's cooking equipment. That was when they discovered that there was no roasting pan. Oh, the horror! "But I have one," bleated Don. None could be found, in the kitchen, in the basement, in the tractor shed or in the garage. "I may have lent it but I don't remember to who." Don lifted his eyes skyward and implored to the Dogs, "I'll do anything for a roasting pan". Silence was his answer. Don would consult his neighbours to borrow one. First, Don fed the hummingbirds and we trundled off to the La-La Restaurant in Buckingham for breakfast.

Elizabeth Taylor: on 2013-08-27 13:01:57

I'm sure you are misquoting Don. He would have said " I may have lent it but I don't remember to WHOM." His prayer expression looks most sincere.

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