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Mayo : Mayo Fall Fest 2015 : Misty Ottawa River

October 9, 2015: Cox was late. It was not like him. Usually, he would call if late. The minutes dragged on as I waited. Finally, his car rolled to a stop in front of me. To my pleasant surprise, Murphy was driving. Apparently Don was feeling poorly after a course of antibiotics and had called on David to drive. Off we went like a turd of hertles.


Betty Morgan: on 2015-11-09 17:06:28

That is superb Jean. Terrific.

Betty Morgan: on 2015-11-09 17:29:39

I went along through them all and read your comments. It was an enjoyable half hour and I am still amazed at the professionalism and your eye for composition in them ALL.
Assuming you did delete some, I can't see that you misfire very often. The colours of the trees, the squash, the leaves, the water, the woods, the people and the absolute joy of the gathering is most impressive. I would love to have been there. Truly.

What a glorious weekend it would be with all the fresh veggies and drinkies and fresh faces. Don looks better than he did in the last offering of his birthday dinner. I hope he is feeling better. He doesn't share that information with me. Antibiotics are miserable, but if they work, it is worth it. So many of your pictures are outstanding. Most...maybe all! I like the one through the glass too. Abstract though it is.

Were those taken before y'all quit smoking? Or were you just fuming a little?


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