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Mayo : Mayo FallFest 2014 : Don's Potatoes

Donna and I were determined to help Don get some chores done. We headed for the garden and began to dig up Don's GMO potatoes. First, we got the lecture on how to dig potatoes because we city folk don't know nothing from nothing. We must have been paying attention because we dug up three 5 gallon pails full of the tubers. They are now safe in Don's basement. Job well done all around.

Photo (c) 2014 Donna Lapointe


Julia Ringma: on 2014-11-06 10:19:01

I once read in a Harrowsmith magazine that after digging up potatoes (and carrots, onions, etc.) you should let them sit in the UV light from the sun for a few hours, to kill the bacteria and "cure" them before storing. And you never clean them off more than what I see in this photo and no washing ever! It made sense. I know Don has been storing his potatoes for longer than I have, so I am sure he does okay. I just thought it was interesting.

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