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Mayo : Mayo Fallfest 12 : Spuds & Chokes

Friday evening we ate supper at BJ's in Buckingham. It was a pretty good meal. Nobody had the Stuffed Lawyers (Avocats Farcies). Saturday meant sleeping in late for some folk. The gals eventually got their act together while Don and I discussed the state of the world. Meal preparations were begun. I went out to dig up Don's potatoes. Then I dug up some of Don's Jerusalem Artichokes. I washed and scrubbed them all clean before handing them over to the gals. Drinkies were involved too.

Betty: on 2012-11-02 14:04:57

I've never eaten Jerusalem artichokes. I wish I could have been there. Even a pot o'potatoes is arty in your capable hands.

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