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Mayo : Mayo Fallfest 12 : Blanche Mist

I hardly slept Saturday night. It wasn't the food. It was Larry, the crazy cat. He came in around 3 am yeowling very loudly. You've never heard such a loud cat. Normally, this means "I've brought a mouse". One gets up, congratulates Larry, give him a scritch or three and he settles down. Not that night. He had brought no mouse. He just wanted to let everyone know he had returned. He circled Heather's bed many times. He went upstairs to wake up Don and Donna. Finally, some 45 minutes later, he shut up. Jeepers! I was just drifting off again when a weight landed on my lap. It was Warrior Princess, coming for a cuddle. Decent. Thus, Dawn came early and I was ready. I went out with the camera to catch the rising sun. There was a lot of mist on the Blanche.

Betty: on 2012-11-02 14:18:58

That would make a nice book cover.

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