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Spring : Spring 11 : Dow's Lake Ola

I took myself downtown on a day pass, stopping first at Dow's Lake to see what I could see. Spring is about a week late as far as the plants are concerned. However, you never know what might be there if you don't go. By the way, I have never figured out why this statue is waving two hats or why the park is called Commissioner's Park.

Betty: on 2011-05-10 17:55:44

Nice silhouette Jean. and the little patch of sunlight on the armpit is intersting too. Nice touch to go with our convos today.

Julia: on 2011-05-11 07:23:00

There's a plaque there with the explanation. It's a Dutch statue to commemorate the link between Canada and Holland that happened because of WWII. Not sure why it's Commissioner's Park, however.

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