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Spring : Spring 11 : Warbler

Remember the Birders crashing through the woods looking for the elusive birds? They were still at it today, panting, with their fiendishly expensive lenses hanging down between their legs. "Seen any warblers," one gasped in my general direction. "Yup," I answered. I showed them this image. Colorful cursing filled the air. "Where? Where?" they shouted in unison. "Well, you know, it settled on the branch beside me after you guys were done stampeding down the path," I replied. I left these sorry, sad sods with a smile on my face.

Julia: on 2011-05-11 07:47:52

Absolutely lovely. I do like the narrow depth of field. I don't think I have seen one of these guys. The goldfinches are more bold. Liked your comment to the birders.

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