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Spring : Spring 13 : Wading Pool

Like I said earlier, the aquatic birds were enjoying the extended waters of the Britannia area. The waters will eventually recede and all will be normal again. Already, the first beach volleyball game was underway. Time to watch birds of a different feather.

Edie: on 2013-05-01 11:53:58

Just spent a most enjoyable walk with you Jean. I was glad I put on my rubber boots......

I may have to move to your area because I don't seem to have as much wildlife near me as you do.

I just saw a pheasant and heard a robin, so I may have to take that back.

Hope you were able to view the pics Betty sent.....

For someone who doesn't have proper equipment for taking bird pictures, you do a mighty fine job.

Keep them coming.

Julia: on 2013-05-01 14:39:11

Thanks for the walk. I'll have to get out on my bike more this summer, now that I am not obliged to be gainfully employed outside the home.

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