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Spring : Spring 13 : Photorazzi

I walked around the trail towards the nest, fully expecting to find professional photographers already on location. They were there, all right. I listened to their chatter. There was no talk about the owl and her offspring. It was either about equipment bragging or who took the money shot when. One guy had a three-foot lens mounted on a military grade tripod that could have supported a gatling gun. His rig was covered in camo cloth. He smoked and drank Timmies so he was not hard to locate. As well, the bird watching gang was beginning to arrive. Thanks to social media, they had alerted everyone within driving range. The woods were about to be invaded.

Julia: on 2013-05-11 17:20:11

Good grief. I am glad his camera was camouflaged because he might be spotted otherwise. Gah!

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