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Spring : Spring 13 : Clogged Artery

The cars kept pouring in. Birding groups of different interests began forming, each being lectured by a pseudo-expert. They got in each other's way. The "owlers" single-mindedly pushed through towards the nest. The "cardinal" group tangled with the "warblers". There would soon be shouting matches and the woods would echo with the screams, "OVER HERE I FOUND ONE". I slipped away into Britannia Village.

Melissa Theil: on 2013-05-11 17:27:04

Jean, I know this feeling you had of the owl paparazzi. Last weekend I went to the NC east coast with the Carolinas Nature Photographers Association, we were told in orientation about a red fox and her 5 babies and how to find her. I knew it would be a circus so I chose to photograph elsewhere. I am happy to say that not one of the many fox photos won a prize.

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