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Spring : Spring 14 : My First Garden

June 17. 2014: A beautiful sunny day was unfolding over Ottawa. A perfect day to go visit the Farmers Market at Brewer Park. I began with a quick look at the community garden next to the market. The kids were growing "things".

Edie: on 2014-06-25 13:13:35

Jean, just had a lovely visit at the Market with you and the interesting dogs. A few breeds I would love to own. I prefer the brown eyes over the blue ones.
You have so many interesting subjects, but I suppose if I travelled by bus for 2 hours I could do the same.
I would just be too tired to take photos when I arrived.
Great to get a few glimpses of Rosemary.
Expect Canada Day will present a few more interesting sites for you.
Thanks for entertaining me...Edie

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