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What surprised me was the appearance of the wild cat. She seemed more and more at ease with the cat herd. She didn't mind my presence but she still refused to enter the house.

Rosemary Kralik: on 2014-01-22 00:18:35

I finally solved the problem of the cat not wanting to come in. I slipped a heating pad between layers of a folded woollen Durrie rug, put a two inch think wooden Quanset on top & covered that with another folded Durrie to add insulation, minimise drafts & protect the entrance. By the time I heated a bowl of fishy cat food to place inside, the heating pad had already started warming. I called the cat, went inside to watch from the window (on the left in the above photo) where I had placed the shelter. After some few minutes of exploration, seeking the scent, she dove into the cat igloo & all I saw was the tip of a tail, twitching back & forth as she ate, after which it disappeared completely & I only hope she curled up for her first cuddly warm night in who knows how long.

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