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A well-earned rest. Pull up a cat by the roaring wood stove and drift away into the arms of Morpheus. Thanks for everything, Rosemary. I only wish I could have done more. Next time, for sure!

The End

Edith Hoar: on 2014-01-18 10:10:10

I have just had the most wonderful visit trailing along behind you and Rosemary……hard to keep up but I must say I like your choice of photos……Ecuador is my favourite animal….I am proud to know Ivan with his telling eyes….Frosty Horse looks rather naked but friendly….The Cat's Eye (Dukhobor Flame) is also a favourite, as well as the Blue Jay, but I especially like how you capture the sunlight and shadows. The sunrise was glorious…..and on and on it goes….loved every bit of it.
One question I got from my numerous friends was "how many acres does Rosemary own"?
Another was "where is the farm located"?
Most of the replies I got show appreciation for your wonderful photography ability and the stamina of Rosemary.
I have great admiration and respect for you both.

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