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No photography was done on January 3. Rosemary got a call that 20 bales of hay were being delivered. In fact, they were at the gate. We all got dressed up for the cold and went out to help. Rosemary distributed the hay with her tractor while Mike, Denise and I attacked the bales to remove the baling string. The bales had been sitting outside during the ice storm and were frozen rock hard. It was a chore to remove the string. It took all three of us to free up a bale. Exhausting work. I don't know how Rosemary does this on her own. Well, it would have taken her until the middle of the night. We finished before dark.

Rosemary Kralik: on 2014-01-22 01:43:52

This is Rafiq's wife & Mother of their colt. She suffered alongside in their hell before rescue.

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