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Now you see, there are stairs coming down into Rosemary's kitchen from the second floor. Her fridge is located under the stairs. At one time, there was a problem of the dogs eating the cat food and there wasn't anywhere high enough that these large dogs couldn't reach. Someone had the bright idea to cut this cat hole in the stair so the the cats could feed in peace on top of the fridge. Great idea!

Rosemary Kralik: on 2014-01-22 01:25:22

All the large doggies respected the hutch where cats were fed & left it alone. Only one little dog REFUSED to leave their food alone & the solution was to move their food out of BenZ's reach. Thomas Paelinck of Korvo Verda, Belgium had this brilliant idea to allow only cats to access their food. It also monitors their girth!

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