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Tiraislin Dreams : Tiraislin Wood : Hi Yak Sweetie

One spring a highland lass and a horny yak bull got together in the woods and were naughty with each other. This resulted in a Highland/Yak cross or Hi-Yak. She is a sweetie and was always nearby while I took pictures. She likes hugs too.

Rosemary Kralik: on 2014-01-22 01:38:34

Alana's Mother is Yak & her Father is Highland. Although she was two weeks younger than Tepai, she was a totally courageous, energetic calf who took him to play & integrated him with the herd. Before she forced him to play & mingle, he was a very quiet, timid little Yak. She has blossomed into a lovely Auburn Brindle heifer with extraordinarily well formed horns & is becoming a leader.

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