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Victoria Day : Victoria Day 2014 : Freshly Split

Upon our return to the Hermitage Don felt an over-powering need to nap. I felt the tug of Morpheus too but decided to take a wee wander about the property first. I checked out this newly split pile of wood, about 10 chords or so. I may be wrong. Don will correct me.

Julia Ringma: on 2014-06-12 09:18:02

I believe in the regular vernacular, it should be 'cords of wood' but either way, that is a mighty pile!

Chord: Origin:
1350–1400; Middle English < Latin chorda < Greek chordḗ gut, string; replacing cord in senses given

Cord: Origin:
1250–1300; Middle English coord ( e ) < Anglo-French, Old French corde < Latin chorda < Greek chordḗ gut; confused in part of its history with chord

Edie: on 2014-06-12 14:06:20

Chord or cord it is a still a fine pile of wood.

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