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Winter : Winter 10 : Fuzzy Cardinal

Admittedly, this is a crappy image. However, I was so surprised when the first Cardinal of the year showed up in a nearby bush and began singing. It so gladdened my heart but the bugger was difficult to photograph. This was the best I could do but it will always remind me of that singular moment.

Betty M.: on 2010-03-08 11:29:37

Oh what a wonderful picture. I have never seen a real cardinal. People say they are around here, but I am still waiting. This will do in the meantime. Lucky you.

Julia: on 2010-03-08 11:34:30

Yes, you really need specialized equipment to capture wildlife. I have been hearing cardinals since late January and they are everywhere now. This morning as I left the house, one was whistling away at the top of the tree at the end of my row. It's easy to spot them in the bare branches and they are so loud, you can hear them a mile away.

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