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Winter : Winter 13 : Vocal Crow

This crow was amazing. It didn't fly off at my approach. It did talk to me. It went through its usual crow repertoire. Then, it began meowing like a cat. I couldn't believe my ears. Fortunately, another photographer came along and heard him too. Phew, I wasn't losing my mind.

Edith Hoar: on 2014-03-23 18:00:32

Viewed the winter scenes again and I like being able to read your comments Jean….this whole set up is fine with me. Kudos to Jim !
As for the crow talking to you in cat language….perhaps it felt you didn't know crow language.
I loved every bit of it even though I am tired of winter.

carol plume: on 2014-03-24 18:12:00

Love the winter shots of snow on trees very picturesque. Crows are very crafty and can likely mimic a lot of sounds.
Your comments make the pictures come more alive and sometimes hilarious.
Keep up the great work....love it!

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